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Birthday Party in Fenstanton - 24th November 2012

This was the first opportunity to use our new expanded track. Imagine the face of 7 year old Alex and his friends when the walked into Fenstanton Village hall to see this!

The bigger track meant that the cars could have their speed turned up higher. We started with practice runs followed by 3 minute races and a 6 minute final shootout for the fastest 5 drivers. The kids were more than happy to just drive the cars with a changeover every 5 minutes or so.

The party was really popular with all of the other parents and a good learning curve for the Model Car Parties team.

Charity Race Experience at Snetterton Circuit - 18th November 2012

The Charity Race Experience at Snetterton Raised over £40,000 for Ronald Macdonald House Charities. Members of the public got the chance to pay for passenger rides in Ferrari's, Porsche's and various race cars.

Model Car Parties were set up in 2 pit garages at Snetterton Race Circuit offering the younger guests (many Dads had a go too) a chance to race the Radio Controlled Cars.

The cars were popular, reliable and lots of fun for all family members.

Model Car Parties Open Day - October 6th 2012

The fleet of cars has changed from the 1/16 scale Losi Mini 8 to the 1/24 Losi Micro Rally Cars.

These Little cars are super quick and are great fun on the Model Car Parties Track. The cars are superb out of the box, reliable and so fast that we've had to slow them down!

The open day was held at Stage Stars Theatre Academy in Godmanchester and was our first test of the new equipment.

The track proved to be very easy to set up and has several different circuit choices. The timing system worked well and the cars were managing about 40 minutes between battery changes!

Most importantly the Kids and Parents really enjoyed the afternoon. Here is a little video from the day.

Model car parties losi micro rally race on kyosho mini z tr

Losi micro rally racing at open day 6/10/12

Fenstanton Family Fun Day - 1st August 2012

A nice sunny day meant a very good turnout at the Fenstanton Family Fun day. The Radio Controlled Cars were extremely popular!

Once again the track proved to be sturdy, the cars 100% reliable and no breakages despite the best attempts of some of the drivers!

The track was made a little smaller than at the previous events - to get an idea of the minimum space needed for a Radio Controlled Car Party in a garden. The track measured 7 x 5 meters.

The Radio Controlled car track also contained a jump. It didn't take long for the Kids to start seeing who could make the little Losi Mini 8 RC cars jump the furthest!

Below is a video taken on the day - The police were right next to us though and set their siren off so turn your volume down before pressing play!

Model car parties losi mini 8 at fenstanton family fun day

A quick video of the cars driving round the circuit at Fenstanton family fun day. Turn the volume down as the Police car set their siren off right next to the track!

Spaldwick Fete - 14th July 2012

The rain didn't stop people from Spaldwick and the surrounding villages from attending their annual summer fete! With the Model Car Parties fleet up to 5 cars it was a very busy day!

The new wooden joiners for the track meant that it stayed in place all day despite the best efforts of some of the drivers! The new catch fence also stopped the cars escaping and kept the very interested toddlers at bay!

Once again the cars suffered no breakages. The Transmitters on the cars have a dial on them that allows the speed to be increased or decreased. Inexperienced drivers get the cars in 'slow mode' and the speed can be turned up as they get better. Drivers have to manage 3 laps without crashing to earn this.

The Model Car Parties 'L' Track setup

The circuit now with wooden joiners and fastened to the grass with tent pegs. The track measures 8x9 meters

Final Preparations

Installing batteries and making sure the cars are working.

Some of the Cars before the event

Nice and Clean!

Some TLC Required!

The field at Spaldwick was waterlogged. The cars got rather muddy but all worked perfectly. The car at the front has been rebuilt.

First Event! Abbotts Ripton School Fete - 7th July 2012

A last minute booking after another fete was flooded off! The first event went very well with the cars proving to be extremely popular. None of the cars got broken and the speed that the cars were set to was safe.

This event was a good learning curve. We discovered that the track markers needed to be joined together as well as pegged into the ground - an easy fix with some wood! Also on occasion the cars escaped the track area - but not as often as toddlers running on to the track to chase the cars! From now on all outdoor events will have catch fencing around the track!

One worry was that the cars would damage the grass but as the pictures below show there is no real issue with this.

Some of the Cars before the event

Nice and Clean!

Some TLC Required!

The field at Spaldwick was waterlogged. The cars got rather muddy but all worked perfectly. The car at the front has been rebuilt.